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Roots Radics News -- October 2012

Roots Radics -- Original Reggae Riddim Makers From Kingston Jamaica

Roots Radics News  --  October 2012

  Roots Radics have been on the road for the past month, literally travelling around the world! Roots Radics were performing a special dub experience with Scientist and Johnny Osbourne in New York City, touring with Israel Vibration in France, Belgium, Netherlands and New Caledonia (look at your maps!) and promoting their work with New Caledonia artist Flamengo.
  Some highlights and links -
Roots Radics Meet Scientist In The Big Apple Ina Rub A Dub Style

   Roots Radics and esteemed sound engineer Scientist headlined the 2012 Dub Champions Festival at BB King's on 42nd St in New York City in September. Adding to the special vibes of the night, Johnny Osbourne joined Roots Radics to sing a sampler from his extensive catalog of hits.
   Radics and Scientist did a live recreation of their classic dub album "Scientist and The Roots Radics Rid The World of The Evil Vampires" in addition to other selections. On stage were Flabba Holt, bass guitar; Style Scott, drums, Dwight Pinkney, guitar; Teebird Johnson, keyboards, while Scientist was at the house mixing board. Radics were joined by Larry McDonald on percussion and Dub Select Horns. A night of heavy riddims and dub.
More details in the following articles -

From Large Up -An Exorcism In Dub: Scientist, Roots Radics + Johnny Osbourne Purify BB King's

From The Gleaner - Dub Invasion

From Boomshots - Review: Scientist & Roots Radics Rock The Dub Champions Fest 2012

On youtube

Israel Vibe Around The World

  Directly from New York, Radics joined Israel Vibration in France for shows in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. And then a long long flight to New Caledonia. And then more flights to Fiji, Los Angeles and Jamaica - circumnavigating the globe!

Joining Flabba, Dwight and Teebird for the IV shows are Steve Golding on guitar, Macasea Bey on drums, Horace James on keyboards. And of course Bunny Brissett and Kim Miller do harmonies with Wiss and Skelly.

   In addition to their opening for Israel Vibration, these shows have included a brief opening set by Flamengo. He is from New Caledonia and sings in French.

            Israel Vibration performing Ball of Fire live in New Caledonia October 2012

Promo for New Caledonia shows -


  Flamengo has recently released his album Kanaky - Kingston. He recorded the album in Jamaica with Flabba Holt and a great line up of Jamaican musicians. The album has a great appearance by U Roy. During the most recent IV shows in Europe, Flamengo opened the show with Radics backing. Flamengo has been key to bringing Israel Vibration to New Caledonia over the years.

  On youtube -
           Flamengo and Roots Radics at the Melkweg, Amsterdam, October 2, 2012


     During December 2012, Flabba Holt will be joining Professor (of Groundation) on tour in Brazil.


     Roots Radics are on tour in 2013 and available for booking. Dub Experience with Scientist, as well as other packages. for more info.


    Interviews are possible - just ask.

Link - Mix Tape

    Nice mix of various artists, all with Roots Radics and dubs. Big up to Hail Him Promotions.

And check Flabba Holt, Dwight Pinkney, Style Scott and Teebird Johnson on Facebook!

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